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Frequently asked questions for Kihei Surfside

How do I get the keys to the unit?

There are no keys, doors are operated using a code valid for your stay only.

When will you be sending the check in instructions?

Check-in Instructions are sent to the email on file the day final payment is received, two days before check-in and at 2:00PM the day of check-in. Please have this information with you before you travel. The front desk does not have your door code. It may not be possible to get a quick answer while you are standing at the front door of your unit without a code.

Is there any property rules that we should be aware of?

Is there an elevator in the building?


Can we check-in early?

Official check in time is 4:00PM. Your door code starts working at 2:00PM. The cleaners are usually finished cleaning the unit by 2:00PM. This does not mean check in time is 2:00PM, it means check in time is 4:00PM, and if we can accommodate an earlier possession time because the cleaners are finished, or the cleaners are willing to extend a courtesy to you to by allowing you to drop off your things, we will. If you arrive between 2:00PM and 4:00PM and the cleaners are not there and have finished cleaning, it is OK to move in. If you arrive and the cleaners are not finished, regardless of whether it is before or after 2:00PM, it is not OK to move in; it is OK to put your things in the unit as instructed by the cleaners then leave the unit and let them finish their work. This does not mean you can start unpacking, sit on the sofa or lanai, take a shower, watch TV or make a snack. It means you drop your luggage off and leave. If you want to change your clothes, please do so in the common bathroom in the breezeway on the ground floor. If you put things in the refrigerator before it has been cleaned, the cleaners will not remove your food to clean it. Sorry about the hard sounding wording, but some past guests have taken advantage of the cleaner’s courtesy by getting in their way and hampering their ability to finish their work, then complaining about the cleaning and even leaving bad reviews about cleaning, so it has become necessary to make the terms of the early check-in crystal clear.

Can we check-in late?

Yes, you can check in 24/7 with your door code.

Can we checkout late?

Late check out works like this. We are happy to allow you to stay until 6:00PM at no charge provided there is no guest scheduled to arrive on your check out day. This cannot be confirmed until 24 hours prior to check out. The alternative is a “Guaranteed Late Check Out”. This guarantees the unit for you until 6:00PM for a fee of one-half days rent. Please let us know how you would like to handle this. Unless a late checkout was arranged prior to check-in, you will need a new door code that will continue to operate the door lock after your originally scheduled check out time. Unless otherwise arranged, you are expected to have completed the items on the checkout checklist and be out of the unit by the check-out time posted on your rental confirmation. Unauthorized late checkouts and incomplete checkout procedures may result in exorbitant extra fees. Please pay attention to the agreed upon check out time and perform the check-out procedures as requested.

Do you have items like Cribs and Pack'n Play's available?

No, but infant equipment can be rented from:

P.O. Box 1990 Kihei, HI 96753
Phone: 808-446-6729
FAX: 808-441-9938
Mariano Sotomayor (owner)

Are there roll away cots available?


Do you have a place for us to store our luggage before check-in or after checkout?

No. Please use the trunk of your car or rent the unit for the additional time required.

Can we use the pool if we arrive a bit earlier than our check-in time or if we must stay a bit later than our checkout time?


Do the cleaners come in part way through my stay?

No, although additional cleaning is available at additional cost to you. Contact your housekeeper listed on your check-in instructions for details.

What should I do if I run out of toilet paper?

The unit comes with starter supplies of bath soap, dish soap, shampoo, toilet paper and paper towel. These items are not replenished. If you run out your will need to purchase more supplies at the store.

Can I get more towels?

No. The units are supplied with two towels of each size per person on the reservation and one beach towel per person. This is a vacation rental; there is not a supply of extra towels available like in hotels.

Is there in suite laundry?

The one-bedroom units at the Kihei Surfside do not have in suite laundry. I do not know of any one-bedroom unit on the ocean side of Kihei Road that have in-suite laundry. The two-bedroom units do have in-suite laundry. There is a coin/credit card operated laundry facility on the ground floor, ocean side, open 8:00AM to 9:00PM. Soap is available there. Change is available at the Surfside office.

What happens if housekeeping discovers missing, damaged, or stained towels and linens?

Extra charges apply for missing or stained items that don’t come clean after the first wash and for towels full of sand. Each bathroom has a black washcloth for makeup and tanning solution removal. To avoid charges for stained items, best to wash the stains out yourself prior to check out.

Are sofa beds comfortable?

Assume no. Sofa beds or pull-out beds are not as comfortable as regular beds. We do not recommend putting adults on sofa beds. They seem to be suitable for children but become less and less comfortable the bigger/older the person(s) using them. If you choose to rent a room requiring putting grown kids or adults on sofa beds, and they complain that they are not comfortable, please explain to them that you saved money by booking a room with less regular beds than people staying.

What can we flush down the toilet?

Pee, poo and toilet paper. Nothing else. No diapers, wipes, feminine hygiene products, condoms, Q Tips, etc. The plumbing system is 45 years old, and does not have the capacity to handle anything but the basics. Just because your system at home can handle these other items, that does not mean our system at the Kihei Surfside can. Proper bags for disposal of these items are available at the front desk. If the system gets clogged as a result of flushing prohibited items, or improper use of the garbage disposer (no citrus peels, pineapple skin, celery, etc.) guest will be responsible for the cost of the plumber. All toilets and garbage disposals are tested and working prior to check-in.

Can we cancel our reservation and receive a refund?

No. We do not offer trip cancelation insurance. If there is a possibility that you may need to cancel, or would feel more comfortable to have the option to cancel, you need to purchase trip cancelation insurance from a third party.

Can we transfer our deposit or payments to another date and time?

Generally, no. We will try to accommodate minor changes (a few days here or there) or sometimes can make changes that result in a sooner stay but can’t accommodate changes that result in stays weeks or months beyond the original stay dates.

Is the parking free?

Yes. One car. At your first opportunity, register it with the office.

Are there good restaurants, grocery stores, tours and activities nearby?

Yes. Google and Yelp know all of them and have ample reviews

Is there beach equipment in the units?

All units have beach towels and a cooler. Umbrellas and snorkel gear are not supplied but are often left behind in the units by other guests – no guarantees. The Kihei Surfside office loans out beach chairs free of charge during operating hours.

Is there a charge for additional guests?

Yes. The rates include up to two guests in a one bedroom unit, and 4 guests in a 2 bedroom unit. Some units allow up to an additional 2 guests. See unit listing for details.

Do babies count as a guest?


Is smoking permitted at the property?

No, with the exception of the area behind the gardener’s shack in the east parking lot. Strictly enforced.

Where can I find the internet name and password?

On your check-in instructions, on the back of the unit’s front door, or on the back of the modem. Please let us know if you find the Wi-Fi credentials on your check in information is not correct.

Who do I call if I have problems with the unit after I have checked in?

The on-island contact listed on your check in instructions and on the back of the unit's front door.

When should I contact the front office?

To report any serious mechanical issues with the unit or building, such as water leaks, front door lock or safe not working, smoke detector battery alert, insects or to report smoking on the property.

Is there air conditioning?

Air Conditioning has been approved as is currently anticipated being installed in most units prior to summer 2023. At the moment, our only unit that has air conditioning is our 604 unit. None of our other units at the Kihei Surfside have air conditioning, and are not being rented as having air conditioning. The building is ideally situated with the oceanfront lanais facing northwest, so there is no direct sun on the unit until the early evening. Every afternoon, almost without exception, the trade winds come up and provide a cooling breeze to the units. The units have ceiling fans in both the living room and the bedrooms, and also have a portable fan. In the evening, the outside air averages less than 70 degrees F, in all 12 months of the year.

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